Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Such product or service may be environmentally friendly in itself or produced or packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

Green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including modification to the product, production process, packaging, and advertising message. With wave of interest now focusing on ways to cut energy consumption and at the same time be ecologically and environmentally correct, the answer to this question can be as varied as the solutions to the global warming debate. So when asking what is green marketing, it may mean simply that the merchant has begun selling only natural products. Green marketing ideas also include the move to supply more and more of the world’s power through the responsible use of renewable energy resources such as wind, geothermal, hydro and solar power. Eco marketing can essentially mean the push to raise the public consciousness regarding materials or products that are presumably environmentally safe or friendly

There are some real issues facing the whole eco-friendly business segment at the moment. Products that are pushed on shoppers from this perspective aren’t always really that friendly. Companies were increasingly pursuing competitive advantage and product differentiation by increasing investment in environmental marketing, green design and improving overall corporate eco-performance. Depending on the location, choosing green power may actually mean a higher power bill, because of the cost utility companies must to invest in new ways to generate and transport the power.

The last three decades have seen a progressive increase in worldwide  environmental consciousness. Other services that will fall under the green marketing ideas shadow are those who assist in disposing of toxic materials, such as worn out electronics, tires, plastics, and other environmentally unfriendly products.